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Our July Reading List


Read Aloud – I was perusing the library shelves looking for another series that Buttercup would devour and something that would be a little more quality. I found these Freddy books that seem to be fun, but not “twaddle.” I started to read Freddy and the Perilous Adventure by Walter R. Brooks today because I am thinking it might be a bit ambitious for Buttercup to tackle on her own. Plus it seems really exciting and I want in on the fun. So this will be our family read aloud. Perhaps the other books she could read on her own, there are over 20 Freddy stories, so this could keep her busy for a while.

Listen Aloud – Currently we have Moo by Sharon Creech in the cd player in the car. I picked up the audio and the book for a possible read along. The book is interesting in that it’s written like poetry. It’s very visual and the words are printed in bold or the words are printed down the page to make a picture of what it’s saying. It’s about a family who moves to Maine on a whim and the daughter is ‘volunteered’ to help a neighbor who has a menagerie of animals to care for. The audio has been great though, it still reads like a novel so listening to it hasn’t been distracting but delightful.


“Assigned” Book – This category is for the books I want to read to further my knowledge on education and Charlotte Mason. The Living Page by Laurie Bestvater has been on my shelf for a while and I’ve been itching to read it. I’ve definitely been encouraged to finally keep a commonplace notebook, now that I understand exactly what it’s purpose is. And I’m also very inspired to begin a Book of Firsts with the kids. I’m a little more than half way through reading and just may have to stay up late tonight to finish it.

Read for Fun – I think I saw a Facebook ad for Unprocessed by Megan Kimble a couple of months ago. It seemed very intriguing and I requested it from the library immediately. Though food research and practicing one particular diet over another is not a priority, I know that the food we eat, the food I feed my family needs to be better. I’ve seen quite a few documentaries on food and I enjoy learning about it all but it’s not always easy to see how we can change things.

Buttercup (Second Grade – Age 7)

“Assigned” BookA Toad for Tuesday by Russell Erickson. Now that my daughter is reading chapter books on her own (since about 2-3 months ago) I’m trying to find her quality literature, but something that won’t look too overwhelming. I believe this is on the extra reading practice list for Ambleside Online’s year 1 free read booklist. I’d like to give her the free read titles but at the same time I don’t want to push too much.

Read for FunThe Middle Bear by Eleanor Estes. I had gone to a huge book sale earlier this week and found a few of the “Best in Children’s Books” books that were printed in 1960. Each book contains 8-12 stories. I wasn’t sure if Buttercup would take to these, because they’re old, but I knew I wanted them in our library. Well, she is surprising me everyday. I found her on the couch soon after returning from the book sale with one of these books in hand. The print is small, well, normal size, and the books are relatively big compared to what she had been picking out herself. I think we are fast approaching the next level of reader.

In fact, as I’m writing this list, she has found our family read aloud, curled up in the corner chair and continued reading chapter two. The book I just said I thought would be too ambitious.

Little Buddy (age 4)

Mom Read AloudThe Kitchen Knight by Margaret Hodges. Since reading Knights in Training by Heather Haupt I have wanted to find some of the books she recommends. This is the story of Sir Gareth of Orkney.


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